NEW: Filling level indicator FA 7 for heating oil and diesel tanks

The FA 7 is an electronic filling level indicator which measures easily and conveniently the filling level in your tank by pushing just a button.

  • Now with a bigger and multi-digit display
  • Automatically altering display in liters, percent and centimeters
  • Easy installation + operation as usual

The tank design does not matter here –  whether plastic or steel tank 
The filling level indicator is suitable for all tank designs up to 3.0 m diameter or tank height for the storage of heating oil or diesel. For example: ball-shaped, cylindric, recumbent, battery tanks). It doesn't matter if they are made from plastic or steel.

No power socket - easy installation
The filling level indicator FA7 is battery-powered (9 V). After wall mounting, the parameters such as tank type , tank height and tank volume are entered on the display. Then, insert the copper tube into the tank through a small opening (5.5 mm) or let the measuring hose drop into the tank to its full length, and push on the connection hose. Now, measuring can begin.

Press the operating button once briefly and the current filling level is displayed a few moments later. It is shown automatically in liters, percent, and centimeters.