Vacuum Interstice Monitoring System (VIMS)

Technical Specifications

Operating Conditions:
Temp. Range:  -20/+60°C
Power supply:  24 V DC
Communication: Ex i
Temperature code: T4
Gas Group: II B

Dimensions of sensor: 
Ø 60 mm, L = ~ 125 mm

Ex 5 10 07 57496 004

VIMS is a state-of-the-art intelligent leak detection and prevention system providing the highest level of environmental protection for service stations in accordance with the European Norm – EN 13160 by preventing any water polluting product from entering the environment.

VIMS intelligent sensors constantly monitor the interstitial pressure or vacuum of double walled tanks and pipes using discriminating sensors.

VIMS discriminating sensors determine the type of leak present, identifying exactly which tank or pipe is leaking, and what type of leak it is. (e.g. Tank 3, Product Leak).

The integrated 5.7” color touch screen on the indicating unit, ensures operators can quickly call up detailed information simply by touching the screen graphics or the function keys.

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The indicating unit allows both VIMS and automatic tank gauging (ATG) systems and to be monitored by one easy-to-use system.

Functional Description of the VIMS


VIMS functions by producing a vacuum greater than any pressure found outside the interstice of double walled tanks or pipes.

The VIMS discriminating sensor constantly monitors the vacuum pressure within the interstice, if a decrease in vacuum is detected, the VIMS sensor sends a signal to the indicating unit to activate the vacuum pump until the operating vacuum is reestablished.

If a liquid leak is present and enters the interstice, the liquid will be sucked into the VIMS discriminating sensor, activating an alarm.

The VIMS discriminating sensor will determine and display the type of leak detected (product, water or air).

By knowing what type of leak exists, repair times can be significantly reduced, saving both time and money.