Leak detector VLX 350/SA-EX

Explosion protected leak detection system without integrated underpressure pump. Static system just monitoring the initially installed underpressure

350 mbar

Operating underpressure:
ca. 700 mbar

- single walled tanks with a lining
- single walled tanks with a jacketing
- double walled laying or upright standing cylindrical tanks
- double bottoms of aboveground storage tanks
(!) all tanks shall be equipped with a suction line to the bottom of the interstice

- water polluting liquids
  e.g.: gasoline/petrol, jet fuel, diesel, chemicals, lye, acid
(!) hazardous vapors of the liquids must be classified in group II A or II C and in temperature classes T 1 up to T 6

equipment in copper and brass,
alternatively in stainless steel