Leak detector VL 570/E PM

VL 570/E PM: Installation kit with solenoid valves in suction-and measuring line
Installation kit with solenoid valves in suction-and measuring line

Underpressure leak detector VL 570/E P with weatherproof design P. As an option with digitalpressure indication M; VL 570/E PM.

A sensor in the suction line detects appearing liquids and triggers the alarm. Any alarm, eather caused by a pressure drop or caused by detecting liquid at the sensor will result in shut down of the vacuum pump and closing of the solenoid valves in the suction- and measuring line. The VL 570/E PM therefore might be also used to monitor tanks with internal overpressures up to 10 bar.

As the VL 570/E PM has a quite high alarm underpressure tank with up 3 m diameter to store liquids with a density up to 1,9 g/cm3 can be monitored.

> 570 mbar

Operating underpressure:
< 700 mbar

- Laying cylindrical double walled tanks
- single walled tanks with rigid or flexible linings
- other suitable tanks also with up to 10 bar internal overpressure (pressure vessels)
- water polluting liquids with flashpoint above > 55°C
E.g.: heating oil, diesel, lye, acid and other as long as the chemical resistance of the installation kit up to the solenoid valves is sufficiently given.

installation kit in stainless steel