Leak detector VL 34

VL 34 PM
VL 34 PM in weather proof design
VL 34/E + Sensor
VL 34/E + Sensor

Vacuum leak detection system to monitor single walled tanks equipped with a lining. A suction line to the deepest point of the interstitial space is required.

New, electronic operating, with convincing advantages: 

1. Long lasting LED’s for the indicaition of the operating modus.  
2. Simple installation
3. electrical connection from the top or bottom.
4. „real“ threeway cocks in suction- and measureing line for the perfect and quick function control. Extremly efficient with larger interstitial spaces.  

 5. And more we are pleased to explain

Additional terminals for the connection of external signals and potential free (dry) relay contacts for alarm transmitting are standard. 

Type with alarmpressure in mbar:

VL 34

Alarm underpressure:
> 34  mbar

Operating pressure:
< 90 mbar

- single walled tanks with a lining, e.g. DIN 6608,  6616, 6625
- double walled tanks with a suction line to the bottom of the interstice, e.g. DIN 6618/2,

liquids with a flash-point above > 55°C
e.g. heating oil, Diesel, engine oil