Leak detector DL .. PM

Overpressure leak detector with integrated pump in a weather proof design (P) suitable for the installation outside with digital pressure indication (M).

Types with alarmpressures in mbar:  
DL 450 PM, DL 590 PM, DL 750 PM, DL 1100 PM, DL 1500 PM, DL 2000 PM, DL 2300 PM und DL 3000 PM.

The types DL 450 PM and DL 590 PM are optional available with Dry Filter Control FC as DL 450 PFCM and DL 590 PFCM.

Double walled tanks with sufficient pressure resistance of the interstitial space under   consideration of the used leak detector.

water polluting liquids
e.g.: gasoline, petrol, methanol, kerosene, jet, diesel, lye, acid, etc.

CE marked, in accordance to  EN 13160, Class I