Leak detector DL 280 FC

DL 330: Manifold for up to 8 tanks
Manifold for up to 8 tanks

Overpressure leak detector with integrated dry filter control for the monitoring of several underground tanks.

This model is equipped with an integrated dry filter sensor to indicate that the dry filter material is used. By this condensation and corrosion in the interstice can be avoided because a maintenance signal is given. Additionally this signal can be transferred via dry relay contacts.

A class I leak detection system with the highest environmental protection level according to the European standard EN 13160.
Type with alarmpressure in mbar:
DL 280 
underground double walled tanks with a diameter of 2,50 meters and a test pressure of the interstice of minimum 400 mbar, EN 12285-1  
water polluting liquids
e.g.: petrol, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, lye, acid

CE marked, in accordance to  EN 13160, Class I

Installation scheme: