Leak detectors for tanks

The electronic overpressure leak detectors Typ (DL..) with integrated pump or with Nitrogen supply (DLG..).

With different alarm overpressures to meet the given application requirements.
E.g.: DL 330; DL 450; DLG 450; DLG 2500

With a modern plastic housing for a more comfortable installation or with a weather proof box (P) for the installation outside.
E.g. DL 450 P

As an option with dryfilter control (FC) for more safety in functionning and operation.
E.g.: DL 330 FC

As an option with digital pressure indication (M).
E.g. DL 450 M

With all options:
E.g.: DL 450 PFCM

With the advantages of an electronic management in the new designed box:
  • Long lasting LED‘s
  • Electronic mangagement
  • Potential free relay contacts for alarm transmitting.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • real functioning three way cock‘s in suction and measuring line for the fast   and perfect function control.
  • Integrated tightness indication of the whole system.