Leak detector DLR-P … CV plastic pipes

Overpressure leak detector based on air in various pressure levels especially adapted to the needs of double-walled plastic pipes
Typs with alarmpressures in bar:
DLR-P 1.1 CV, DLR-P 2.0 CV (other alarmpressures on enquiry)
Underground double-walled pipes made of plastic, used as fill-, suction, or vapour recovery line having a sufficient pressure resistant interstitial space
  • water polluting liquids
  • e.g. petrol, diesel, heating oil, acid, lye etc.
Features and advantages:
  • The DLR-P .. CV is equipped with a non-return valve (CV = check valve) in the connecting line, which prevents the backflow of gases in the direction of the leak detector (zone reduction). Thus the leak detector can be used for pipes having a low permeation.
  • The functional test can be done quickly and easily with the SGB testing device.
  • Air as leak detection media, no nitrogen bottle is required = competitive price