Leak detector DLR-P 2.0 + 4.5 petrol station

Overpressure leak detector with integrated pump
Type designations with the alarm pressures in bar:
DLR-P 2.0, also available in the weatherproof version DLR-P 2.0 P and DLR-P 2.0 PM with additional digital pressure display in the housing lid
DLR-P 4.5 in steel housing
Double-walled remote filling lines
Fluids hazardous to water:
e.g. petrol, diesel, heating oil, etc.
Special features and benefits:
  • From the point of view of the test office for leak detector systems of TÜV Nord, with regard to functional safety, there are no reservations about using air-based overpressure leak detectors for the monitoring of double-walled remote filling lines as a replacement for leak detectors with stationary or mobile nitrogen supplies.
  • The alarm switching pressure must be at least 1 bar above the operating pressure of the inner pipe, i.e. at least 2 bar.
  • In particular, pipes with permeation-resistant inner walls, such as the DRK 30 and DRK 32 as well as the MONO.S.DWR (Löw Tanktechnik) can profit from this. Here, monitoring using air is cheaper than using nitrogen.
  • The air-filled monitoring space of the pipe is permanently monitored for tightness by the DLR-P.... In pressure stage DLR-P 4.5, it is even suitable for petrol stations with pressurised diesel satellite pumps.