Testing device 115392

Art.-no.: 115392

For the easy and quick function check of underpressure and overpressure leak detectors with a max. pressure of 700 mbar.

For the function check of the leak detector the interstitial space is disconnected and the testing device with a measuring device are connected to the leak detector.
The needle valve of the testing device makes it possible to find out the pressure switch values very precisely.

With SGB - leak detectors the connection of the testing device to the leak detector is simple using the three way test port and the ventilation device.

Absolutely useful to readjust pressure switch values and time saving when doing function checks on larger interstitial spaces.




Testing device 115395


Art.-no.: 115395

For a simple and quick function test of leak detectors (overpressure and vacuum) with a pressure of max. 4 bar.

• with a port to connect a gauge
• with ventilation device for controlled pressure/vacuum drop

Volume: 0,75 liter
Hight: 380 mm



Testing device 115520

Art.-no.: 115520

For the function test and start up of the leak detectors DLR-GS or DLR-2.

• Plugs to connect a pressure supply (e.g. pressure cylinder) and a pressure gauge
• Steel and brass