Installation tool case

Installation Tool Case for Double Walled Pipes.

Do you know this situation:
- You are on site and an important tool is missing?
- You are asked to carry out a new work item, and you have
no idea what tools with which requirements are necessary?
We know these questions and would like to give you an
answer before the question comes up!
Based on our experience we have been collecting over
decades we have arranged the tool case beside.
With this manageable case (600 x 260 x 260) you have
all the necessary equipment that is needed for commissioning
or testing a vacuum leak detector on a double walled pipe.

For the Commissioning and Testing of:
• Double walled pipes with a Schrader-Valve as connection
to the interstice.

Advantages for the Use of this Case:
• All necessary and useful tools are available on site
• Main Spare-parts (e.g. for commissioning) can be integrated

• Range of screwdrivers
• Special Screwdriver to screw out the valve in the Schrader valve
• Range of wrenches, some double to able to counter
• Pair of pliers
• Pair of pincers
• Cutter
• Tubing cutter, to be able to cut the tubing right-angled
• Digital Gauge, range von -1 bar up to 2 bar, 1 mbar steps
• Testing device for a function test of the leak detector
• Jet-Vacuum-Pump, to be driven with Nitrogen (Pressure Cylinder
and Pressure Reducer (7 bar) must be available on site)
Performance: 500 Litres are evacuated in 25 min to -500 mbar.
Consumption of Nitrogen: ~100 bar (half a pressure cylinder)