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05-10-2018, 12:05

World novelty: The vacuum solution in leak monitoring of several tanks and/or pipes at petrol stations

+++ unique solution on a vacuum basis +++ big savings due to outdoor installation +++ remote monitorable +++

Company - philosophy

Safety devices require a high standard in development and in production!

Important components are:

  • new developments are made under reflection of actual requirements and knowledge (new technologies, conformity with national and international standards,  practical documentations)
  • testing of development by approved test institutions
  • national approvals (German PTB or DIBT, Swiss: CSEM, Polish Prochem and many others)
  • check of delivered goods

  • continuous production checks

  • final production test, piece by piece, with documentation
  • production monitored by the German TÜV, KIWA, SVTI

  • certified quality managing system in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001
Lloyds certificate 2017