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10-11-2017, 10:25

The vacuum solution for monitoring several underground tanks: VLX-S-SAB 350

New SAB version +++ Monitoring several underground tanks +++ Outside installation +++ Remote monitorable

07-08-2017, 14:07

NEW: Leak Detection Unit LDU14 for tanks and pipes on petrol stations

SGB's leak detecion unit LDU14

100 % continuous and secure monitoring of up to 12 tanks and 12 pipes by pressure leak prevention technology +++ Now also available with remote monitoring +++ Conforms class I of European standard EN 13160


Professional seminars – information and booking

Our seminars are offered several times per year.
Specific seminars are held on customer request.

Our training and exercise rooms offer space for 7 participants. They are equipped with real functioning leak detection systems.

Language: German (English on request)

Duration: from 9:00 am to ca. 4:00 pm

Costs: EUR 240,- per person. Including drinks and one meal.

 Leak detection technology professional seminar:

 The theoretical part deals with:
  • legal background
  • technology and functioning
  • monitoring of tanks and liquids
  • application areas and the limitation of use
  • assembly, maintenance and testing
  • presentation of essential products
The practical part deals with:
  • examination of leak detectors
  • fault detection, troubleshooting
  • exchange defective parts
  • function control
  • leak test

Next appointments: Please contact us!

Specific seminars are held on customer request. Please contact Peter Vass, 0049 271 48964-33.

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