Leak detector VLX..

Underpressure leak detector with simple explosion protection therefore suitable for pressureless tanks to store petrol.
The leak detector shall not be installed in an ex-zone.

Types with alarm pressures in mbar:
VLX 34, VLX 330, VLX 500, VLX 570

Pressureless tanks*:
- single laying (under-/aboveground), cylindrical tanks with lining or jacketing
- Double walled laying cylindrical (under-/aboveground) tanks
- Double walled (or single walled with lining or jacketing) upright standing tanks or sumps with dished bottom (under-/aboveground)
- Rectangular or cylindrical tanks or sumps with flat bottom (complete double walled or with lining or jacketing) * overpressures up to 50 mbar related to vapor recovery systems are acceptable

- flammable and non inflammable liquids;
  e.g.: gasoline/petrol, jet fuel, diesel, chemicals, lye, acid
(!) hazardous vapors of the liquids must be classified in group II A or II B3 and in temperature classes T 1 up to T 3