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10-11-2017, 10:25

The vacuum solution for monitoring several underground tanks: VLX-S-SAB 350

New SAB version +++ Monitoring several underground tanks +++ Outside installation +++ Remote monitorable

07-08-2017, 14:07

NEW: Leak Detection Unit LDU14 for tanks and pipes on petrol stations

SGB's leak detecion unit LDU14

100 % continuous and secure monitoring of up to 12 tanks and 12 pipes by pressure leak prevention technology +++ Now also available with remote monitoring +++ Conforms class I of European standard EN 13160


Leak detectors for tanks

The electronic working Underpressure leak detectors (VL..) with integrated pump.

With different high alarm underpressures to meet the requirements of each application.
E.g. VL 34; VL 330, VL 450  (see also chapter „function“)
As an option with extended electronic management (/E) for the additional connection of sensor or solenoid valves.
E.g.: VL 34/E; VL 330/E.

Coming along with the modern and user friendly plastic housing or in the solid and weatherproof metall box (P) ready for the installation outside.
E.g.: VL 330 P, VL330/E P.

As option available with digital pressure indication (M).
E.g.: VL 330 PM.

With the advantages of the electronic management within the new plastic box design:
  • long lasting LED‘s
  • electronic management for easy use
  • potential free relay contacts (dry relay contacts)
  • easy and quick installation (only one screw to close the box, electrical connection   from top or bottom) (Plastic housing)
  • “real working“ three way cocks in suction and measuring line for the quick function check.
  • integrated tightness indication