Suction system

Suction system

For monitoring tanks

For tanks at service stations pressure leak detectors offer the optimum benefit-cost ratio. Several tanks with a leak detector are cheaply and safely monitored:
DL 330 and
DL 330 FC with filter control for an even more reliable operation and
DL 330 ELC FC with integrated manifold, dryfilter control, wheaterproof housing and separate indicating unit.

For tanks with a test pressure ≤ 400 mbar
DL 230 for tanks with a diameter ≤ 2 m and
DL 280 for underground tanks with a diameter ≤ 2,5 m.

New: Leak Detection Unit LDU14 for monitoring of 1 up to 12 tanks and/or 1 up to 12 pipes

Due to technical reasons sometimes monitoring with overpressure is not possible, e. g. if the test pressure in the interstice is too low or if the system has been switched over from liquid leak detection. Then we recommend monitoring with explosion-proof vacuum leak detectors.
VLX 330

For monitoring pipes

Pipes at petrol stations with suction system (pump in the fuel dispenser) are monitored with an adequate explosion-protected underpressure leack detector. Thereby a sufficiently high alert-underpressure is of great importance.
VLX 500

As an alternative following overpressure leak detectors might be used:
DLR-P 2.0 + 4.5 petrol station
DLR-P .. CV plastic pipes

New: Leak Detection Unit LDU14 with various pressure levels for monitoring of 1 up to 12 pipes

LDU14 – the combined solution for monitoring of tanks and pipes
100 % continuous monitoring of up to 12 tanks and 12 pipes. Tanks as well as pipes are monitored separately by two pressure leeak detection systems based on air. In case of pressure loss an alarm starts immediately before any product can pollute the environment. LDU14 conforms class I of European standard EN 13160.

Variations available:
LDU14 T330/P1.1
LDU14 T330/P3.5

3-D Animations

Monitoring of several horizontal underground tanks with overpressure (air)
Monitoring of several pipes with overpressure