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10-11-2017, 10:25

The vacuum solution for monitoring several underground tanks: VLX-S-SAB 350

New SAB version +++ Monitoring several underground tanks +++ Outside installation +++ Remote monitorable

07-08-2017, 14:07

NEW: Leak Detection Unit LDU14 for tanks and pipes on petrol stations

SGB's leak detecion unit LDU14

100 % continuous and secure monitoring of up to 12 tanks and 12 pipes by pressure leak prevention technology +++ Now also available with remote monitoring +++ Conforms class I of European standard EN 13160


The vacuum solution for monitoring several underground tanks: VLX-S-SAB 350

SGB's leak detector VLX-S-SAB 350 is the static vacuum solution for monitoring several underground tanks.

• For outdoor installation (SAB = Stand-Alone-Box)

• Monitors up to 8 underground tanks

• Available with remote monitoring LOD

The vacuum leak detector VLX-S-SAB 350 is the 100 % continuous and secure interstice monitoring of up to 8 underground double-walled tanks wwhich are equipped with a suction line to the deepest point of the interstitial space. Each tank is individually monitored by 1 sensor. In case of a vacuum loss at any tank, an alarm is triggered (entral display outside and separately for each sensor inside).

Each leak will be reliably indicated - regardless whether it is in the inner or outer wall. And this before any stored or conveyed liquid can enter and pollute the environment!

=> A leak prevention system which realizes the highest European environmental protection level of EN 13160, class 1

Advantages & high ease of use of VLX-S-SAB 350:

+ Slim container with little space requirement (390 x 320 x 1202 mm), also available in stainless steel

+ Solid metal box

+ Completely pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation

+ Easy control and maintenance of pneumatic parts

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